Rebecca - Strong, Steady, Beautiful Mother


Some people know a lot about babies. Some don't. I was the latter. So any expertise was welcome (even beyond my doctor and midwife). The concept of a doula is a great one because she's there for you during labor while most everyone else is there for the baby. The doula is yours. She fights for your cause, what you've both talked about and your comfort in every long minute of the experience. Lindsay delivered. Not the baby, mind you, but on the list of things in the previous sentence. ;) But not just on the big day. For months leading up, if something hurt, I'd text Lindsay and have a recommendation - whether it was to drink electrolyte water or for a good prenatal masseuse.

I'd been a student in Lindsay's yoga class well before my pregnancy which made the act of finding a doula super simple. I just asked Lindsay and crossed that off my list. So if you don't know her already, I suggest going for tea and getting to. She has a gentle, calming, stereotypical yoga vibe about her which is amazing. But she's also a real person living in the real world and is well aware having a baby is a wild experience full of the unexpected. Lindsay was my rock through it all. The screaming, the pushing, the stuff I'd rather not mention. All of it. No questions, no pressure, just unwavering support.


Have a resource that is in your corner through it all!