Finding yoga as a teacher

I've been teaching yoga in the Boston area since 2006. A lot of teachers tend to site their inspiration for teaching as the first time they found a peaceful savasana, or were able to heal from an injury through their yoga practice. I honestly can't remember the first class I took as a student, but vividly remember the first class I taught. It was in a basement of a college dorm in downtown Boston, and it was intimidating and scary, but the most AMAZING experience - to have the opportunity to share this wealth of knowledge that I had really only skimmed the surface of understanding.

I walked (really, it felt more like flying) home that night, recounting every moment of the class to my mum on the phone - beyond excited to get to go back the following week to share again. This practice is, for me, about noticing what's going on in our bodies and discovering what yoga means to each individual person. Our bodies change so dramatically day to day, and our experience of each pose and shape can be meaningful and educational. Also, sometimes, it's just good to move and breathe and let that be enough!

Boston Area Teaching Schedule

Equinox Sports Club, Avery Street

Wednesday, 4-5:15pm, Fundamentals
Thursday, 2:30-3:30pm, Gyrokinesis
Thursday, 6:15-7:30pm, Restorative


Equinox Sports Club, Franklin Street

Saturday, 10-11:15am, Alignment Flow Yoga
Saturday, 11:30-12:30pm, Yoga 101 (once/month)


Bow Street Yoga, Union Square/Somerville

Tuesday, 12-1:15pm, yoga
Thursday, 10-11:15am, yoga


Asana Charlestown, Charlestown

Tuesday, 9:30-10:45am, practice
Saturday, 5-6:15pm, practice & restore


Teaching Yoga Teachers

I've been able to share my love of teaching and this practice with teacher trainees as part of the Radiant Yoga Boston Teacher Trainings, both as an assistant and then leading the Restorative portion of a 200hr TT. Here's some of the fun "laying on bolsters" that we got to do!

Teachers I've known and loved

How we teach constantly shifts, as we learn new things and get inspired by different points in our lives. I've had the opportunity to study with some amazing teachers thus far, and this is just a handful of the people who have inspired me to continue sharing a movement practice:

Nicole Clark
Power of Touch, Restorative, Craniosacral

Todd Norian & Ann Greene
Anusara Yoga

Judith Hanson Lasater
Restorative Yoga

Jillian Pransky
Restorative Yoga, YogaWorks

Bonnie Argo
Vinyasa, Restorative, Teaching from the Heart

Carrie Parker Gastelu
Pre & Post Natal Yoga, YogaWorks

Hugh Milne
Visionary Craniosacral Work

Martha Mason & Ann Fonte


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