Laura, Mike and Charlotte

Lindsay was a wonderful doula. Months before I was due, she told me about hypnobirthing and encouraged me to take a class. I thought it sounded odd but looked into it anyway, and am so glad I did! She checked in regularly throughout my pregnancy and made sure I was doing well, both physically and mentally. I had a pretty quick and relatively comfortable labor, but I trust that she would've been great in a more difficult labor as well.  She did make sure that the doctors were asked the right questions when an issue came up -- I really appreciated having a clear-headed advocate when needed. She coached me through pushing and stayed with us after my daughter was born until things settled down (the time immediately postpartum was more challenging than I'd anticipated, so I was glad she was there).

Lindsay has both lots of positive energy and a very calming presence -- a great mix that works well for a doula! She can lull you into relaxation or energize and motivate you, as the situation requires. I'm so grateful that she helped me have a smooth and positive birth.