What Is the Benefit of Private Yoga Sessions?

What Is the Benefit of Private Yoga Sessions?


Public/group yoga classes are a wonderful way to continue your practice and make yoga accessible to a much larger base of students. There is something really beautiful about a group of potential strangers coming together with the intention to calm, make space, strengthen or disconnect from our crazy lives, even if just for a short while. The shared energy of a room can help you even out a bit, whether you need to calm down or build some energy.

Traditionally, yoga was taught as a one-on-one practice – you studied with a teacher, who taught individual asanas (shapes/poses) as you were ready to learn the next one. This allows you to learn at a pace that suits your individual body.

We all come to these group classes with different body stories – someone (likely more than one) has a sore low back, someone has neck/shoulder issues, someone is training for a marathon, someone is in their second trimester – and while we can all benefit from the practice we're sharing, it helps to really have a sense of how to listen to body and give it what it needs.

My approach to Private Yoga Sessions is that they are a way for us to connect to and understand our body – we learn to listen, so that when we’re practicing on our own or in a group class we’re able to take care of ourselves.

Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Session Individual Attention

We're able to take a deep dive into your practice - looking at how your body moves through different poses/shapes, making sure that there is a balance of effort and ease through body, and giving you ample time to ask questions and get them answered.

Make Scheduling Time for Yoga Easy

We'll be able to work yoga into your schedule, so you don't feel like you're rushing to get to a particular class on time.

Private Yoga Sessions are Great for Beginners

Often stepping into. a group class can feel intimidating when you first start practicing. Private yoga gives you a basic understanding of how your body moves and an introduction to the shape names in English and Sanskrit. This way, you aren't standing in class thinking "I'm sorry, what did you just say? Where does my foot go?"

How Much Do Private Yoga Sessions Cost?

My rates vary depending on where we practice. If you're a member at Equinox Sports Club, they offer Single Sessions or Packages depending on how often we decide you want/need to practice. If we are practicing in the Greater Boston Area (i.e. your home, a community space in your condo building, etc), it depends on where you're located and when we're practicing.

Have particular questions about pricing?

What's the First Step to Schedule Private Yoga Sessions?

It all starts with a conversation – once I know what you're looking for, I can recommend a good place for us to start and help you understand what practicing together will mean.

Ready to Start or Continue Your Yoga Journey?