What Inspired Me to Become a Birth Coach?

What Inspired Me to Become a Birth Coach?

Inevitably, in a weekend workshop or training I can rarely pay 100% attention for the whole 6-8 hours each day. But the first weekend that I took of Pre Natal Yoga Training, I was sitting on the edge of my mat the entire time!

I was amazed to understand in depth what happens as we progress through pregnancy, and the exciting possibility that I could help women feel more comfortable and empowered that their bodies are meant to do this amazing thing.

I always thought I'd wait until I had had my own birth experience before I started working as a doula. But one of my closest friends from college came to me Fall of 2013 – she had beaten me to the punch. "You're helping me with this!"

And so it began.

I have had the great honor to help friends, students, and relative strangers (although certainly not after the fact :o) on this crazy beautiful day in their lives.

If you'd like support throughout your pregnancy and potentially on the day of your birth,

Want to know a bit more about what my Birth Coach support looks like?