What Kind of Support Do I Get With a Birth Coach?

What Kind of Support Do I Get With a Birth Coach?

I look at supporting you through your pregnancy and birth similarly to the way I approach supporting my students in a yoga class – we take it one day at a time, and just address what comes up.

The earlier we decide to work together, the longer I'm able to provide you with support and the better we get to know each other as your pregnancy progresses.

During your pregnancy, some of the ways I provide support are:

  • Recommend reading materials – what to read, what to avoid

  • Keeping you away from Google - just don't. Trust me!

  • Suggesting classes for both you and partner to help you prepare for labour

  • Suggesting ways to take care of body as pregnancy progresses

If you're able to make it to a weekly (or bi-weekly) yoga practice with me, it is a great way to touch base and see how things are going.

When you go into labour, what does that support look like?

Let me know when you come to the conclusion that it is more than Braxton Hicks, and we'll stay in touch for your early labour to see how things go. I will meet you either at home or at the hospital (depending on how your body and baby are doing), and then be there to support both you and partner through the labour.

After the birth, I can stay around to help until you're moved into recovery. Some families like to have a bit of alone time after the birth, in which case I'll give you a big hug and touch base with you in the next day or so to see how things are going.


Want support throughout your pregnancy and on the day of your birth,